Attention-grabbing modern designs


Instead of a run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter website, we’ll provide you with custom web design solutions that help your business stand out from the crowd.


Worpdress is a great platform to lower over head cost! We specialize in WordPress themes, plugins & more.


Have a great idea? Not sure where to start? We can build exactly what you are looking for and more.


Everything from e-commerce WordPress sites, Shopify and fully custom sites.


Social Media Advertising & Engagement Solutions

Nowadays it’s not enough to have a presence on the world wide web. It’s crucial to have a website that is easy to use, has attention-grabbing content that captures your brand essence, and feeds into your overall mission.

If your mission is to grow your business, a unique and user-friendly website will help set you apart from the competition.

Websites might have similar aspects and elements from business to business but having a cookie-cutter website is no way to present yourself in the digital sphere. Make sure that you attract the eyes and attention of your target audience on your terms. Your website should reflect the prestige you either have achieved or hope to achieve in your respective industry. That’s where Artistik Designs can help. We’ll make sure your website’s form follows its function.


You think it! We can build it!

Experience makes the difference at Artistik Designs.  We have the experience it takes in developing unique custom software applications for any type of industry or business.

We develop software that is as unique as your business.  Software that is built to make your business stand out!

Why do I need a custom application?

With basic WordPress websites there will be limitations on what can and cannot be done to the programming on the site.  In some cases, whether you are looking to integrate with a third-party vendor or have a really unique idea that just cannot be provided (accommodated) by our basic software; going the custom route is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking custom POS systems, eCommerce systems, enhanced security systems, social media applications, or any number of additional large-scale software applications — Artistik Designs can modify and accommodate your every need.

Get in touch with us today for a consultation where we’ll help you build a project scope with your particular needs and specifics in mind.



A cost effective solution for business owners.

WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems and website building tools due to its near 40% market share. We have a deep understanding of WordPress and will make the platform work for your business. We’ll help you craft a unique and uniquely effective website that not only educates your customers and prospects about your business but also helps them through your sales funnel safely and securely.

No matter what stage you’re currently in with your website, whether you need a brand new site or a revamp on your existing site, we’ll help you create a new concept, craft a unique design paired with a proactive strategy to get the job done under budget and in a timely fashion.

Our in-house development team ensures every product we develop is well-crafted, easy to use and integrate, and easy to manage. Artistik Designs provides a collaborative process where everything we do is put in simple terms you can understand.


Sell your products or services online.

Is your business ready for the Ecommerce revolution? Statistics show that in 2020 alone, over two billion people purchased either goods or services online. E-retail sales have surpassed the 4.2 trillion mark in U.S. dollars worldwide. This is why it’s crucial to select the best eCommerce platform that will help power long-term, consistent growth that you can rely on.

Artistik Designs can assist with custom eCommerce sites and pre-built eCommerce sites (such as WordPress, Shopify, Big Ecommerce, and more).

Even if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment, crafting an effective eCommerce solution will help broaden your audience and expand your business’s margins into exciting new territories.

For those who don’t have the time or resources to build an effective eCommerce site from scratch and would like more than just a plugin, Artistik Designs is a viable solution. We’ll help you build or strengthen your eCommerce solution in a way that sets your business up for future success — all while giving your customers more convenient options when it comes to acquiring your products and/or services.

Frequently asked questions

On average, basic websites launch within 4 to 6 weeks from project start. Custom website application will take longer and a timeline is provided at the beginning of the project.

All of our work is performed in-house. However we do allow our team to work remote which allows us a lower overhead, and in return a lower cost for you.

YES! If you can think of it we can build it! We do both fully custom and semi-custom eCommerce applications.

Yes, we believe mobile is the key to the success of your project. Over 60% of people today use mobile more than desktop. It is important to have a project that converts well on mobile.

We provide full ownership to you for your project. We want you to stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

We are experts in creating a project scope that goes through every detail of your project. All of this is developed after a consultation meeting with you to break down your idea.

Don’t settle for anything less. Contact us today!

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Client Since: 2017

Project: Custom Wordpress theme, graphic design, Search Engine Marketing & website design.


Client Since: 2013

Project: Custom website design built in wordpress. Search engine marketing and optimization.


Client Since: 2010

Project: Custom design wordpress theme, Custom logo design, search engine optimization and more...


Client Since: 2017

Project: Custom design wordpress theme, YouTube integration & social media management.


Client Since: 2017

Project: Custom design wordpress theme, YouTube integration & social media management.