Google+ For Your Business

Google+ For Your Business

Everything You Need To Know About Google+

Google finally announced Google+, its next effort in social. Basically, Google+ is an amalgamation of several services we already use. The idea, according to Google, is to do them better. We’ll have a full review and impressions soon. In the meantime, check out our breakdown of what Google+ can do below.

Introduce yourself

Show the world who you are and what you’re into. Choose a profile photo, throw in some fun facts, and even add some bragging rights. Your Google+ profile is your smile to the world.

Connect with friends and family

Add friends and family to see what they’re sharing (and share a few things back). You can search your email contacts to quickly find people you know on Google+. Or find people from your high school, college, work or hometown to swap stories with.

Follow interesting people

Some of the world’s most creative and inspiring minds are on Google+, posting their latest thoughts, videos, and photos on the topics you’re into. Add your favorite musicians, writers, athletes and entertainers to see what they’re saying right now.

Share like in real life

Circles help you share with just the people you want to, whether you’re sending an inside joke to your family circle or sharing that unbelievable photo with everyone. We give you a few circles to start out with, or you can create your own for even more control.

Say hi

Google+ is about great conversations. When you find an interesting post, show your appreciation by adding a comment or +1. Or share something new, whether it’s a photo, a video, a link, or whatever else is on your mind.

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